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280040B Range Road 264 - AB - Relocation Opportunities

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Sold 280040 AB-Relocation Opportunities 
4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms  Add to Favorites Print


Bedrooms:  4 (from 5)

Bathrooms: 2

Manufacturer:  SRI

Model:  CJ

Dimensions:  20′ x 76′ (1,520 sq ft)

Year: 2008

Priced to move immediately!

This home cannot remain where it is and must be relocated to a new site.  Prep for moving and moving costs will be the responsibility of the buyer.  The skirting, wooden blocking, and decks are included with the home as well.  There is a furnace and an air conditioning unit ( both propane) that is included as well.

Inside the home there are 4 appliances included.  The rear section of this home was originally built with 2 bedrooms, and that has been converted in the last month to one large master bedroom with ensuite.   Contents seen in the pictures can be negotiated into the deal if the Purchaser so desires.  The rear of the home houses the master bedroom and bathroom, while the opposite end of the home has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

We have shipping companies we can put you in touch with if needed, and companies for prepping the home for moving as well in case doing it yourself is not an option.


Sales Consultant Wes Jenkins

Sales Consultant West Calgary/Sales Manager

Mobile: 403-992-0272
Fax: 403-351-1258

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